LISTS: a way of life

Long before LI.ST came into being, & possibly far beyond its end, I have and will be making lists; putting things in order, categorizing, sharpening the focus to my day & life, moving plans into motion, drawing closer to the person I want to be, doing the things that make me better. Creating a list is how I think most effectively & efficiently.
  1. The reminders feature of the iPhone.
    No doubt all of the mighty users of this app are familiar with this feature. In living life and needing to sustain and maintain it, certain consumer products are required, like food. I tend to shop at the same stores often where I buy the particular things time and again. This is the collection of my standard lists. RANDOM CHOWDER is for the specific but unusual item that I'll never otherwise remember.
  2. Sometimes I do need groceries:
    Here is an example of how reminders works. When I pick up the item I'm buying, I tick it and it disappears from view.
  3. And other stuff
    Toilet paper, always toilet paper. Family members shopping at Target are not permitted to go off list because it is a dangerous and expensive adventure in commerce.
  4. Datebook
    Besides serving as a calendar on the other pages, this tracks class attendance (I keep scrupulous track of it, as one employer used the pretext of waning attendance to purge all instructors over 40 off the payroll) and when I subbed for someone it's marked in red. Tracking weekly, yellow zone heart rate (over 141 bpm) and elliptical mileage.
  5. The big book of lists
    In an effort to consolidate all the scraps of paper to a single location...
  6. Book lists
    Book ideas, books read, includes other things like ideas/ philosophy pertaining to certain practice, purchases and their source, destination/ travel ideas and of course....
  7. The lists of ideas for LI.ST and goals for when to post them.
    My low tech version of drafts. I need to write stuff out to get a feel for it and to think my way around it.
  8. Rough drafts
    Doing a draft or 2 also lets me decide how I want it to look, thus assigning certain lines gifs
  9. The immediate letter list, as in who I owe or just want to write a letter to
    A lot has been clogging my schedule as of late so I have fallen behind..
  10. Reminder notes for certain letters
    The velocity of life tends to suck ideas and thoughts I want to share with those most dear so when a free second emerges I jot them down.
  11. The letter schedule.
    I like keeping in touch with those I care about on paper because it is time I get to spend with them, usually private, and with my flawed penmanship and spelling, authentically personal. Initially I started sending post cards especially to a friend with cancer who also got x rated jokes and took them with during chemo. Email or Facebook is just not the same.
  12. Organizational prompts: short term
    Stuff I can work into the daily routine.
  13. Long term projects
    Stuff that necessitates more time, money and spousal participation then is currently available.
  14. Portable device
    This notebook lives in my purse and is handy to take notes, make lists, drafts for letters or reminders. Why not do this on my phone? Because I can drop or have something spill on the little book and not loose what's in it, nor will it disappear with software updates - I'm sneering at Apple because 40 playlists I used for work vanished arbitrarily. When pen hits paper the act of writing forces me to learn and remember. And I'm oldish.
  15. Not presented today: so many other lists in my life
    The other social media platform that I am vaguely active on is Ravelry, where I also exist as 1derpuppy, showing a huge queued list and library collection of projects I might like to work on some day. There are inventories of stationary, car service tracking, spending spreadsheets, book reviews of what I've read files of draft of things I've written, maps and charts for gardening schemes, vendor recommendations...
  16. Thanks for being here LI.ST. Clearly I've been waiting for you all my life. I so appreciate having a place to park my neurosis in conditions that allow it to thrive and flourish. So let's not screw it up LI.ST