Good thing resolutions aren't binding like promises
  1. Will complete 10 miles a week on an elliptical machine, hopefully done at a pace of 9 minutes a mile.
  2. Bring my heart rate to the yellow zone (141-156 beats per minute) for a total of 90 minutes a week
  3. Loose 1 pound and keep it lost. Really I'd like to drop 25 but have never been able to do so sine I was pregnant. So modest hopes.
  4. Find and attend a barre class that is authentic, for aging ballerinas not the new iteration of 'barre' experience that keep trophy wives conditioned ... because I should stretch more.
  5. Book Reading goals for the year: 4 old classics, 4 new classics, 4 non fiction, 6 contemporary fiction.
    I should read more widely, more deeply and fill in the gaps of my education so that one day I too can be a snob and better appreciate the NYT book review
  6. Write notes, observations, thoughts, and opinions of what I've read and seen
    Rarely am I asked what do I think about ...anything actually. It's a muscle,forming an opinion, and being able to defend it. I'd like mine to be stronger
  7. Finish all the Hebrew Duolingo lessons by March, then practice and begin French
  8. Finish organizing and tidying my desk
  9. Label and organize photos, because if I drop dead no one knows or remembers anything.
  10. Hire someone to create a wedding album from the photos and album in my possession before the 25th wedding anniversary in September.
  11. Paint the utility room floor as it is hideous.
  12. Master excel as if my life depends on it because regrettably it does.
  13. Finish the shawl I have that is on needles and just getting to the parts where I really have to concentrate.
  14. Write up recipes for the boys, because I could get hit by a truck and they haven't been paying close attention.
  15. Submit 3 articles for publication.
  16. Post on every 10 days.
  17. Make a new friend.
  18. Do Passover and Thanksgiving, ignore all other holidays, strictly adhering to a hiatus.
  19. Taper Facebook use to a glimpse once a week.
  20. Will not buy Powerball tickets until the jackpot hits at least $100 million because if I'm not going to win, I might as well not win big.
  21. Figure out how to use this damned app better and more effectively despite the fact that tech support was mean and condescending to to me, which is a shame because seriously, lists=crack