Plants I am going to try hard and not kill

  1. So half of this didn't survive transplanting but this part is growing new leaves.
  2. This has been much closer to death, though it looks paltry, it's been around for over a year
  3. Again, transplanting from a larger florist arrangement was tough. All the large burly leaves died off when we failed to water daily. The smaller sprightly leaves are new, I'm betting it's going to get robust.
  4. leaves...I sure hope this is more interesting then just being tall
  5. This is impervious to abuse and neglect. I should buy more
  6. This plant has left for college with one of the kids, thus HE must now keep it alive. Could go either way as questions about what to do when it gets droopy have been asked.
  7. All of these Peace Lillys came from a single plant that was delivered to my mother's funeral almost 8 years ago. It is nearly unkillable.