I'm new to the app and never created nor figured out drafts (blame it on the oldness, I never knew it existed as an option) so its removal and deletion doesn't impact me. In reading the lists posted in response to this change and the attendant comments there is a definite pattern to what is being said:
  1. Users enjoyed the trending, re-listing, and open feed (vs. curated feed) FEATURE. feature is a functional mechanical component of the app. It's as if the heated seats, or air conditioner were removed from the car you bought, strictly speaking not necessary but made the experience much more enjoyable.
  2. While drafts might be considered a 'feature' by the app operators, for users it was an instrument used for producing better posts, and by deleting it removed personal, creative content. In essence eliminating the work of others.
  3. The recurrent theme in the responses of the users, is that these changes seem utterly arbitrary. These changes are neither announced nor explained, which leaves the impression of a capriciousness in the management of the app.
    Deleting the DRAFTS TOOL is a deeply personal affront, like trashing scraps of paper sitting on someone's desk, which were not garbage but ideas awaiting refinement and improvement, work in progress representing an investment in time and energy
  4. Questions remain that should be addressed both as a matter of courtesy, and professionalism:
    What predicated these changes, technical limitations (storage limit, for example) Is it possible to have the beloved attributes reinstated? Is the general health of the app constrained by limits in programing resources or a deficiency of financing? Do these changes offer technical, or logistical improvements from the managerial side of the equation? What do the founders/operators of LI.ST anticipate or are planning for future permutations of this app?
  5. Is there a way to invite users of the app to volunteer to help curate or manage the feed, or technical aspects of running it similar to reddit?
  6. The consensus appears to require a greater practice of transparency in operational, and managerial decisions as they impact the user experience.
  7. What is the deal with the List titled RECOMMENDED? Please repair it.
    What is the organizational principle behind the choices? Update it, bring new listers on to it , and refresh. If I haven't followed your suggestions the first 10 times I've looked at it, I might find something else more compelling. This strikes me as an an algorithm issue.
  8. These are some improvements I would appreciate (since I have you on the line).
    Making words within the text bold, italicized, or underlined would be lovely. Changing font size or color - welcomed. Being able to shift the text boxes to the right or left of the screen to better depict pro/con or compare/ contrast lists very much appreciated.
  9. This product, an app is only as good as the posts and the people who use it. I've read/seen interesting, hilarious, inspiring, beautiful, heartbreaking, compelling posts. An authentic and intensely creative community-I find valuable, a worthy setting to invest my time. I hope that these concerns and criticisms will be addressed and resolved. Thanks