Random things said to or about me over the years which I don't really know what to do with, but were said with affirmative enthusiasm.
  1. Your ass is fiinneee, for a white girl.
    I was 17, an opinion offered by a passing stranger walking past me at a brisk pace. Still true, my ass is spectacular, I am a white girl.
  2. Your mom is imperious and domineering.
    Stated by a friend of my son. Also true, most of the time.....it requires a level of energy and concentration that hard to maintain when I'm tired.
  3. My teachers find you terrifying.
    Is there a down side to this?
  4. You're alright. You're not really white.
    My neighbor, Miss Juanita has been in her house for 40 years, feels that she has paid enough property taxes, feuding, with the city, and threatening to shoot the law enforcement sent to impose the city's will. I keep telling her to stop that because prison is a drag and threatening cops can lead to death. We shovel her snow in the winter. Invite her to graduation functions (she's fond of my cooking) and listen to her gossip about other neighbors. There is no higher complement she can offer.
  5. Another customer reminded me of you, she's honest.
    A barista told me this and I had the presence of mind to ask him what he meant. He said she never gives the easy answer when asked 'how are you'. I can't just say fine, if I'm not.