There is terminology that speaks to Washington insider status 'inside the beltway'. I live so deep 'inside' that we can see the Washington Monument as we drive down the street that approaches our house, the Capital dome in winter & the National Airport control tower from a bedroom. In short, an urban setting, with a little bit of green for pretty.
  1. We have foxes 🦊 roaming the back yard.
    This was earlier this spring, before things got green. Strolling through the herb garden like he owns the place.
  2. He was feeling pretty jaunty as he had just been hunting, successfully
    Here he is digging for and catching an evil but tasty morsel of a chipmunk (I will be ranting about the blight of fucking chipmunks in the future, fear not it will be epic).
  3. Turns out our boy was not alone
    She was photographed through a closed window and screen so quality is a little blurry. As we were chatting about her we watched her ears pivot and swivel, like she could hear us talking in the house, which was supported as a hypothesis that when we stopped talking her ears stayed still
  4. So mom and pop had a cozy winter as a neighbor discovered a litter of kits. 3 of them below one with black paws like socks.
    Actually, her dogs figured this out. When she left the house they jumped on her bed, which gave them the vantage point to see them, under the deck of yet another neighbor's house and bark wildly at them. These are her photos.
  5. They're super cute
    Turns out, there are 4 baby foxes 🦊
  6. This weekend we've started noticing the babies trottng and sneaking through our yard as they learn and practice hunting, Mom following shortly thereafter. The kit with the black socks is ambitious and has been seen a lot.
    This morning, my husband turned his chair to face the windows that look out to the back yard. Coffee in hand, he turned to me 'I never thought I'd say it but I find myself compelled to watch fox tv'. The irony being, you only see them when you're not looking for them.
  7. No photo but as I was taking a rest in the back yard from a vigorous amount of weeding, one of the baby foxes strolled along the fence line before ducking under a fence, he was about 20 feet away.
  8. The baby fox we've taken to calling 'black sox' has been sighted every day this week usually at the end of the day trying to hunt. Once with a sibling, once with a parent mostly roaming around on his own like he's a bad assed big fox 🦊. We're a little worried he's too tame for his own good.
    The foxes just turn up I don't get a chance to catch pictures of them
  9. The black socks fox made me a liar so bold and tame he's roaming the yard at 3:30 pm available for his close up
    Hunting where we saw his dad did
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Good morning foxy!
    It's not quite 6 am this fellow is frolicking in the yard blew up the photo so it's blurry, you can see at the top center of the frame a strip of rubber edging that was removed to better mow the lawn. He was attacking / inspecting it. The sound of my taking pictures scared him away.