I've been brushing up on my language skills using the Duolingo app, inspired by my son who has picked up Spanish from a beginner level (he's close to 50% fluent). When we compare the phrases & utility we encounter in our respective studies his are relevant and conventionally useful, but mine (in Hebrew) are utterly bizarre and passive aggressive
  1. Only a dangerous mind like yours can think about something like that.
  2. Don't use my love for you as a weapon
  3. I am not your friend anymore!
    Said contemptuously.
  4. Brains...more brains.
    A sentence presented in a lesson titled 'medical'
  5. Don't listen to that monkey
  6. The monkeys are against you.
  7. The monkeys at the zoo abused me.
    Because we all need to be familiar with the verb 'abuse' in any language, especially as it pertains to monkeys.
  8. The monkeys are uniting.
  9. This newspaper is written by monkeys.
  10. I got naked on the white beach
  11. Danger is a source of pleasure for me.
    I have often used this sentence as a tourist
  12. My friends got drunk and fell off a cliff.
    Did I stand by and let it happen? The female voice reciting this sentence sounded relatively cheerful, easy to infer that it is not a sadly reported cautionary tale.
  13. We couldn't hear ourselves because of the elephants 🐘
  14. Let's try to find my trousers.
    Shall we parse this one together? Let's a conjunction of let and us meaning more than one person are required to try, as in endeavor, to locate my trousers. Where and how are trousers typically lost and what kind of hellacious mess would require a collective effort to locate them? Is this really a scenario that I would encounter (because I was taught the word for keys, glasses, mittens.. things I have in fact lost in real life).
  15. My son writes texts for the Prime Minister.
    Which could explain incoherent barrage of tweets from various heads of state...
  16. Since I have returned to planet Earth I have had bodyguards
  17. The robot turns on the washing machine by himself.
  18. Don't tell me he escaped.
  19. Nowadays every fool has a blog.
  20. Every time he is eaten by lions.
  21. What is your favorite medication?
  22. If he finds the device, we will pray that he will not know how to use it.
  23. They have a long tradition of hatred.
    Excellent, they must hold a great grudge.
  24. It's not my fault that you are stupid.
  25. Sometimes his teddy bear says disgusting words to me.
    Giphy downsized medium
  26. Don't send me another potato.
  27. I want the right to go to the court without clothes.
  28. Why do you have a mirror under the piano.
  29. You have to cause her to stay.
    Advice suggested by hostage takers and bad marriage counselors.
  30. This will end in blood
  31. Don't open yourself to others
    Yet another example of disturbing relationship advice
  32. It's not fear but hatred😳
  33. Who knows where his finger was
  34. I didn't say he would leave his wife.
  35. I like her smile but prefer his.
  36. The spell will cause him to cry when he sees water
  37. The neighborhood is full of police because of the murders.
  38. DANGER! Dragons
  39. All heroes have butlers.
  40. His brain washing is going well.
    So well he's very nearly indoctrinated!! Ahead of schedule and under budget, I might add.
  41. My father is always getting electrocuted. 🙄
    But the money we save on utilities...worth it
  42. She will find herself 40, alone and with a cat.
    Because we're Duolingo and we judge in the obnoxious, typically Israeli way (where if you are a woman no achievement compares with being married=you are worthless single).