Things I Love - Without Rhyme, Reason or Justifiable Explanation

These don't qualify as guilty pleasures because I know I should feel shame, but I don't - thus, guilt free.
  1. Hello Kitty
    Yeah, I know, but she just makes me happy.
  2. Bruce Willis
    Even old and bald
  3. Artificial Cherry Flavor
    I love real, fresh cherries but will always pick the fake red, cherry-esque flavor that colors tongues, and is inevitably sticky when offered the option. Absolutely critical for road trips
  4. One Direction
    I wouldn't pay money for a concert ticket, I may be mathematicily old enough to be their mother, so totally age inappropriate, but I will sing to every one of their songs on the radio. This fondness embarrasses my children- bummer
  5. Inflatable Dragon, with moving neck and lighted eyes - for an extra special Halloween
    It was love at first sight (hence the photo that was immediately texted to my family in 2015). I loved it in spite the fact that 1. I had no room to store it 2. Would never want to put it in my yard, and had no space to do so 3. Was never going to spend close to $200 to buy it. It just delighted me and filled my heart with joy. It was again on the shelves this fall with a purple belly, shops and neighbors installed and inflated it. Best part of Fall 2016
  6. Fuzzy socks!
    These are fuzzy socks in the hideous school colors of my son's college, my second pair. They are warm and fuzzy and comfort me when the stress of making tuition payment crush my soul (I've been making payments since fall 2012 - to two schools simultaneously for 4 semesters). They are totally synthetic, there is no tactile comparison in the realm of natural fibers earning the scorn and derision amongst the knitters of my life.
    Suck it haters!
  8. This web site makes me feel like this
    Because that site shows me all the stamps coming out for the year, and when and I get to see the sheet layout and blowup the images...... it makes me giddy with joy. Now I've got to stalk my post offices I can't wait omg my tail hurts from wagging so hard