Often in life there are expectations formed by 'society', 'culture', 'people' of behavior, activities standards that are considered important, beloved - universally admired. Here's my list those things that offer no appeal, interest to me and I'm fine with that.
  1. I am a city girl, I don't need to visit or live in the country. I do not posses the skill set, or biological aptitude to function in a place that is not urban.
    Thanks for posting photos of your time hiking, camping, skiing, trekking..whatever out in what we'll call nature. It brings you joy and spiritual comfort - excellent. Rhapsodize about it give me a glimpse into that life because I'm not joining you. In the hot, I am a beacon to every biting, stinging insect no matter how much repellent I use, and when it gets cold, as in less than 74degrees, I can't circulate blood or get warm. That kind of cold is akin to being in pain. Have fun without me.
  2. I loathe Dickens and am grateful I will never be required or assigned to read his output again.
  3. Baseball ???
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    Going to games is fun, Nationals Stadium is beautiful, easily accessed, with a lot to engage my attention besides the activity on the field. Otherwise, I can't get invested or generate emotional heat to care. I can't even summon up empathy for friends who are living or dying with the fortunes of a local team. I think of baseball as a fetish focused on the obsessive statistics arbitrarily catalogued, rather than of a national pastime.
  4. I hope to die having never gone to nor taken my children to any Disney property.
    Conceptually the entire brand is a self perpetuating motion machine.
  5. I DON'T LIKE DOUGHNUTS - I can't tell you how many people can't wrap their heads around that truth.
    Zeppoli and beignets are just so much better. Yeasty, crunchier with more flavor,they must be eaten just after cooking, a true indulgence. Doughnuts are second to third rate confections when at their very best but usually, no.
  6. I've never watched Titanic.
  7. I'm a vegetarian, more accurately by today's labeling, I'm a pescatarian. My husband sums it by saying that I won't eat anything that walks the earth, or flies in the air.
    I am what used to be called a picky eater always, and stopped ingesting meat, chicken or cooked egg when I was 2 1/2. My parents did bad things to food. I like tasty things, they never cooked fish, I learned to eat more widely as I grew older...most people don't notice because it's not a thing for me (friends I've had for years are shocked to realize I won't eat the chicken that they are serving). It's like having brown eyes or a shifting nose, part of who I am. I have no problems cooking it.
  8. I don't watch horror movies
    There is nothing appealing to me in being frightened by design. My own filter and worldview is a little darker then most, and I was programmed with the instinct that another shoe is always about to drop (because the Cossacks are coming, don't get too comfortable) so as a genre horror movies just don't entertain me.
  9. I can't imagine myself going to travel in Germany (even though a dear friend now lives there)
    The nazis wrecked everything, but the thing that I can't get past is that they were supported by a nation of people who did not resist or object to odious immoral acts, driven by belief or hindered by fear. I tend to hold grudges... this history isn't over for me so there you have it.
  10. I'm not going to color my hair
    I don't think I have the patience for the process. Once you jump off that cliff you've got to maintain lest you have visible 'roots'. I'd kind of like to wind up looking like Cruella de Vil, but even if that plan doesn't work out aging gracefully means owning those markers of age. I can do that, because damn, that looks like a total chore.