My mother who was generally loving, and affectionate, made it explicitly clear that there were some crimes which were unforgivable, and would cost us our very lives if ever they were committed. Here they are:
  1. This is my mom before she was my mom. Super gorgeous, and cool 😎. The photo is a little rough, so you can't tell she had hazel colored eyes, which were warm and compassionate. However, when she was angry they turned silver, and you knew on a primal level that your life was over.
    Hard to imagine it looking at this picture but terrifyingly true and a powerful disincentive.
  2. If you are going to be late, you MUST phone and alert your waiting parents.
    Like a fairytale let me explain this to the millennials who may read this. Once upon a time there were no cell phones, but public telephones which required dimes to operate. While I never had a curfew, if I said I'd be home at 3:30a.m. and strolled in at 3:35 WITHOUT HAVING CALLED my life would end. She could kill us on the spot, and would probably be acquitted, because we all knew the rules. Not having access to a phone was no excuse even if it was true, you found one and you called.
  3. The scissors on her desk were hers AND NOT TO BE TOUCHED!!!! EVER!!!(Did you hear the thunder just now as you read that - it's supposed to indicate the wrath of an angry god - I did as I typed it)
    Don't question, just know.
  4. The scotch tape on her desk may be touched and used but may not be moved from its friend the scissors ✂️IT LIVES ON THE DESK AND MAY NEVER BE MOVED!
  5. Reporting personal illness, or something broken in the house didn't forfeit your life but her response to those conditions definitely made you wish that you were dead.