WORDS: Old fashioned words that need to be reworked into the vernacular because they're better.

Time to upgrade our collective vocabulary from words of the past as some of the language is more accurate, descriptive and evocative than contemporary options. OLD WORD :definition of how we could use it today
  1. SCHEME: a plan that is dubious in it's inception and execution, almost certainly doomed to failure.
    EXAMPLE: The border wall scheme
  2. FOLLY: more than a 'my bad' less than 'colossal fuck up',non life threatening, conditions. Will one day be explained with: What was I thinking
    EXAMPLE: The folly of my man bun was the obstacle in finding a job other than barista.
  3. FROCK: a dress that is more than a shirt extended or anything that can be worn with sneaks. It's pretty, worthy of hose and the effort of unique undergarments.
    EXAMPLE: I picked up a bitching frock for my reunion.
  4. VEX (and it's variations) VEXATION, VEXATIOUS: to be a monumental annoyance, both as a the source and the recipient. It's fun to say and scrabble worthy.
    EXAMPLES: I will vex you out of existence! Stop being a vexation!
  5. COMITY: a common ground that facilitates civil, communal behavior.
    EXAMPLE: Though you reject science and prefer to cling to magical thinking, finding a cure for cancer still seems like a good idea.
  6. ALLEGED: still innocent until proven guilty (as is still protected in the Constitution) regardless of how emphatically guilt is asserted in tweets. Anything unproven should be predicated with alleged.
    EXAMPLE: The alleged assailant...the alleged murder... the alleged billionaire
  7. JUXTAPOSITION: placing two or more things side by side for contrast or comparison.
    EXAMPLE: The juxtaposition of the two back-to-back presidencies caused a great deal of concern.
    Suggested by   @celinerogers
  8. Avuncular: adj. "Relating to an uncle."
    "He saw his boss as more than an employer; their relationship had evolved to the realm of the avuncular in its dynamics."
    Suggested by   @eriknmichaelssrn
    Vulgar, indecent, 'buffoonish'
    Suggested by   @ggshortie
  10. GOLLY: a verbal response rather than rolling one's eyes at statements that not only provide too much information but falls to the range of I can't un hear that.
    EXAMPLE: so we wound up in the emergency room because his piercing chain got tangled up with mine while we were going at it.... golly. (There's no counter statement)
  11. DAMSEL-a young unmarried woman
    Damsel in distress sounds so much nicer than 'girl she be trippin'.
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  12. HANKY PANKY-behavior, in particular sexual or legally dubious behavior, considered improper but not seriously so.
    Delightfully non-specific naughtiness
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  13. FORTNIGHT: Two weeks
    After a fortnight, the novelty of relative visits wears off and you just want them out of your space.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  14. MOREOVER: Additionally (and important).
    He's an idiot with a third-grade vocabulary; moreover, he's dangerous.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  15. SCOUNDREL: A baddie
    That scoundrel didn't include the tax when splitting the dinner check.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  16. Lollygagging....it's something the cycle instructor shouts at us during the ride, as in, "No lollygagging."
    Suggested by   @HUNTER8myhomework