Requested by RLC

Dreamy and Fun Date Ideas

  1. Geocaching along the Manasquan Bike Trail and eating Hinck's mac and cheese
  2. Biking along the Schuylkill River Trail and geocaching
  3. Go to Nashville and miss the return flight because I want to buy barbecue sauce
  4. Georgie's
  5. Go dancing at a classy venue
  6. Go dancing at a not-so-classy venue
  7. Buy matching pajamas
  8. Share a single strand of spaghetti a la Lady & The Tramp
  9. Do a karaoke duet
  10. Tour twenty more breweries, including Yards, PBC, and Dark City
  11. Eat a whole pie at Pete & Elda's and win a shirt
  12. Cape May weekend b&b
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  13. A lighthouse tour
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  14. Homebrew together
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  15. Take a cooking class together
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  16. Massage/spa thing? I've never done it. NO REIKI.
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  17. One of those places where you get drunk on wine and paint a sunset
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  18. Lay on the floor and listen to records
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  19. An evening where all we do is snuggle and listen to Sigur Ros. We can call it snuggle ros.
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  20. Brunch at Veganized
  21. Go to a museum
  22. Go hiking!
  23. Go camping at Turkey Swamp
  24. Make snow angels, bake cookies, and drink cocoa
  25. Weekend bed and breakfast in new hope/lambertville
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  26. Make ice cream from scratch
  27. Going to the batting cages
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  28. Macking and cheese
    Suggested by   @RLCpunk
  29. Go fly kites at the beach
  30. Indoor rock climbing
  31. Longwood Gardens (preferably at Christmastime)
  32. Take a couples massage class
  33. Tastycake shake date