Fun Things to Do in Nolibs / Fishtown / Kensington

  1. Yards Brewing tour
  2. Batting cages at Everybody Hits
  3. Pizzeria Beddia
  4. Stock for mushroom pho
  5. Grab drinks at Barcade, El Bar, Frankford Hall, and/or Standard Tap
  6. Happy hour at Loco Pez
  7. Philly Style Bagels
  8. Memphis Taproom for Port Richmond platter, great vegan food, and good beer
  9. See a show at Johnny Brenda's
  10. Diner fare at Silk City
  11. Pizza museum at Pizza Brain / Little Baby's
  12. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse
  13. Honey's Sit n Eat
  14. Martha