Celebrities (or their characters) I'd like to "Netflix And Chill" with

  1. Michael B Jordan / Adonis Creed. There doesn't have to be sex (or talking) involved. I just want to caress his strong jaw line and be the person who massages oil all over his body for photo shoots... I lied. There might need to be some actual 'chillin' too.
  2. Idris Elba / Stringer Bell. The man is delicious. Plus he's always got something in his mouth and chewing on it. I like that.
  3. Serge Ibaka / Oklahoma Trailblazer. This beautiful African specimen is my NBA crush. His lips. His shoulders. His height (6'10). Mmmm...
  4. Blake Griffin / Playing himself on Broad City. I just want to see what's under the pixelation. It looks impressive.
  5. Will Smith / Mike Lowery. This man was, is, and forever will be beautiful.
  6. Brad Pitt / Tristan Ludlow. No commentary necessary.
  7. Simon Baker / Brian Kelly. Something new becomes more than a passing notion.
  8. Michael Ealy / Any character he plays (except in 'About last night' where he was too skinny and when he shaves his facial hair). Not really sexually attracted to him but I would love to look and touch him up close. He's gorgeous.
  9. Jesse Williams / Dr. Jackson Avery. Aqueous blue eyes. Uneven smile. Bowed legs. Freckles. Intelligent. Doctor, please prescribe me something for these butterflies!
  10. Chris Rock. My BIGGEST celebrity crush. He's handsome, smart and hilarious. He's the trifecta for me. I would want to actually date him and not simply have a trist. I would just want to listen to him talk for hours and then let it naturally evolve into all things chillin'.
  11. Morris Chestnut / Lance Sullivan. A beautiful masterpiece. We can chill.
  12. Tyson Beckford. Sexual chocolate. Yeah, he can get it.
  13. Chris Evans / Captain America. He makes me feel particularly patriotic.
  14. Aubrey Drake Graham / Drake. He's easy on the eyes and a creative genius. Seems like a cool dude to hang with. Plus I read he's an excellent lover.
  15. That's all folks, though I will continue to add to this list. It was really hard thinking about who Id like to chill with. Beauty, in and of itself, was not enough of a motivator.
  16. To be continued...