1. Binge watching Broad City episodes on Hulu. Abbi and Illana are my long lost BFFs. They just don't know it, lol
  2. Date night with my Hitachi Magic Wand
  3. Chocolate candy with a smooth caramel center (think: Godiva chocolate & caramel squares, Caramello, etc
  4. Facebook group discussions where I can be totally honest (using my second, anonymous FB account)
  5. Finding and listening to songs for free using YouTube
  6. Hot wings. Fried hard. All drummies, no flappers. Mild buffalo sauce. Blue cheese dressing. Mmm...
  7. Researching and/or watching porn
  8. Dairy Queen Cherry Arctic Rush
  9. Treasuring Hunting at local thrift stores
  10. Grey's Anatomy, seasons 1, 2, & 3