The most unbelievable events in the life of Curious George

A semi-domesticated monkey living in the city
  1. Is asked to work the candy counter in a major retail store, in a major metropolitan city
  2. Following from above, when he bankrupts the candy business by giving away all of the candy, the owner is instantly forgiving
    He is only a monkey, after all
  3. While at the doctor's office with his caretaker, takes over for AWOL doctor and completely nails the diagnoses of several patients
  4. Is sent to space, alone, to replace the failing battery on a telescope; is successful after he remembers his right from his left
  5. Builds a fully-functional periscope to spy on his caretaker, a man with a specific taste in clothing and accessories
  6. Builds a fully-functional carnival game replica to help local girl practice for the real deal
  7. Continuing the string of ultra-industriousness, builds a fully-functional artificial bee hive
  8. Is commissioned by a local artist to help create a one-of-a-kind music experience harnessing wind power and natural sound
    Incidentally, this concerto is commissioned by the local eccentric billionaire real estate baron