1. When a big storm is approaching, you start a generator to make sure your shows record.
  2. You know exactly how many pushes to get through the commercial break.
  3. You know which web sites and people to avoid when trying to avoid spoilers.
  4. When you get interested in a show airing right now, you hit record, watch something else recorded, then come back to the original show afterwards.
  5. You have 25 episodes of "Chuck" saved, even though they are available on DVD
  6. When two shows are recording at once, and nothing else is recorded, you just turn off the TV and mope.
  7. You are the only one in your peer group that sees Seth Meyers every day, but is still very well rested.
  8. You frequently reach for your car radio in an attempt to skip back 30 seconds and hear part of that NPR story again.
  9. You have no response to the "Best and Worst Commercials" poll on ew.com.
  10. You have no idea what night your favorite shows actually air.
  11. You discover that DirecTV only allows 50 series recording to be set up and are about to make a Sophie’s Choice… then remember the DVR in the bedroom.