Japanese Craft Beer

A unranked list of Japanese craft beers with a short description on each beer.
  1. Futako Beer Mikan Ale
    Interesting fruit pale ale available only in the Futago Tamagawa area in west Tokyo. Brewed with local tangerine from Odawara hand picked and peeled by the brewers. Once the slightly harsh bitterness of the first sips has faded the tangerine zest comes through adding to the citrusy impression already given by the hops making it a perfect refresher for hot and sunny days. Very limited availability so if you have a chance definitely try it. Especially when available from tap.
  2. Full set of Isekadoya beers I had at the Keyaki Hiroba Beer Festival. I can recommend all of their beers being clean, good and having character but if you have to choose one beer at the Keyaki Festival 2016 go for the "Summit Beer". 7 malts, summit hops, distinctive bitterness but well balanced with fruity hop top notes and malty sweetness. Cheers!