Top Tokyo Coffee Shops

A list of coffee shops in Tokyo definitely worth visiting.
  1. Went Cafe
    Situated in the very center of Tokyo this cafe is on the 2nd floor on top of a a modern vintage interior shop in what seems to be a former ware house or factory building. Style is definitely inspired by American coffee brands like blue bottle. Raw concrete, wood and metal are the base for a simple airy interior. Tip: Their cob salad and daily salads are unusually big for Tokyo and make a great deal. A lot of different green leafs, vegetables and toppings prepared fresh.
  2. Bridge Cafe
    Close to Kappa Bashi produced by the architect studio "Sturdy Style" this cafe serves delicious ice cream together with your espresso or hand dripped coffee. Kept in raw concrete and finished with a wood and metal industrial interior a great place for everyone enjoying modern style coffee houses. Enjoy your coffee on 1st floor but definitely check out the meeting rooms on the 2nd floor designed as interior show rooms. Makes you want to order your own home right away.
  3. Sarutahiko Coffee (Ebisu)
    Located on the 1st floor of the Atre mall at Ebisu station, the latest installation of Sarutahiko Coffee is easy to access. The modern interior serves as a great place to take a quick break from the Tokyo hustle enjoying a premium coffee. They specialize in single origins serving them hand dripped or espresso based. They also offer a great cold brew coffee but if you are in a hurry go for their "Jedi Coffee". The house blend's force will definitely awaken you.
  4. Motoe Coffee
    This small roaster in the back streets of Motosumiyoshi offers a changing variety in single origins in addition to their house blends. All coffee are roasted in the "Giesen" roaster in the back of the shop and served as espresso or hand dripped. The master takes the quality of his product absolutely serious asking you to store your coffee in the fridge at home to minimize oxidation. Also try their exquisite home made cakes.
  5. Streamer Coffee
    The picture shows the Harajuku shop. Founded by the first Asian latte art world champion Hiroshi Sawada on 2010 Streamer is one of the cornerstones of modern Tokyo coffee culture. Their famous late is based on their house "Streamer Blend". They roast small batches daily and deliver fresh beans to all their shops in the morning. If you are in Tokyo for coffee Streamer is a must go!
  6. About Life Coffee Brewers
    This small corner cafe is on top of Dogen Zaka in Shibuya. They don't roast themselves but they definitely know how to brew. Their beans are changing using imported beans from American toasters as well as local Japanese roasters. They always have a fine selection of single origins for their hand drips. Espressos are always interesting to taste. Also try their latte to go. In summer their citrusy cold brew is fantastic!
  7. Deus Ex Machina
    The Tokyo installment of the California brand offers the unique chance to enjoy your coffee in the rustic atmosphere of a motor cycle garage or in the surf board shape room in the basement. Seats outside for a late in the sun are available, too. The cafe also hosts movie nights and regular yoga classes. Check schedules on Facebook. They also have delicious sandwiches that go perfect with their selection of craft beers.
  8. Coffee House Nishiya
    Taking over from his father and renovating the place the owner and his young team celebrate 3rd wave coffee. The energetic atmosphere in the beautiful designed coffee bar can be best soaked in while enjoying their espresso lime tonic or their fantastic shakelato.
  9. Cobi Coffee @ Bloom & Branch
    A small but stylish coffee counter by Cobi Coffee tucked inside the Bloom & Branch apparel store in Aoyama. The serve a delicious Tanzanian espresso. Bitter and nutty in the beginning, finishing slightly sour leaving some earthy robusta notes in the after taste.