Unlikely Conversations in Your 20s or 30s

Sometimes I catch myself thinking, "Wow, are we really talking about this?" (late night conversations about the merits of senna tea immediately come to mind) The 40s are unique, no doubt. So I polled my 40-something friends to find out what they are talking about. My conclusion: aging well requires a good dose of humor! :)
  1. Lots of conversations about my knees with other people in their 40s. And assorted stiffness. -T
  2. I can't eat carbs or dairy anymore! (but refuse to give them up) -M
  3. Discussing a job's potential retirement benefits! -L
  4. Aging. And if the things that are happening are "normal." :) -L
  5. Teen-agers and and their emotional rollercoasters. :) -D
    (BTW, I, Caroline, am on track to having teenagers while going through menopause. Yikes!)
  6. It seems many women now need "woman" surgery of some sort. Fibroids, cysts, etc. -N
  7. (For the moms and dad out there) Recently, I have to explain why we are not buying real books for pretend students in my daughter's class. Her students, sometimes invisible and sometimes stuffed, have apparently graduated and can no longer use the kindergarten books etc. -N
  8. Had quite a few hemorrhoid conversations in the last year... yep, I went there. -M
  9. I find myself joking that my 25-yr old self would be ashamed of me for wanting to stay home and watch a movie on a Saturday night :-) -S
  10. Mammograms -J
  11. Aging parents -E
  12. Styles of minivans -K
    In case you're pondering the same question, I offer this oldie, but goodie: youtu.be/ql-N3F1FhW4 (Despite this awesome video, we went with the Odyssey!)
  13. The need for glasses that we all do not want to admit the need for! College tuition, and private High School tuition. -H
  14. Hair removal. We were young girls during the grunge era and now I'm 40 and feel like I'm dating my waxer. -J
    PSA: My lady told me if I start sprouting chin hairs to make sure I had them lasered before they turned grey! Whaaat? I left feeling very educated. Dark-haired ladies, pay attention! :)
  15. Also navigating social media & tech for the kids. New territories and boundaries. Remember calling our parents from the pay phone after the movie Caroline?? -J
  16. Longer (length) dresses. As Margherita Missoni once said, "you can show arm or you can show leg, but not both"! -A
  17. The pros and cons of no-line bifocals ☺ -N
  18. A lot more discussions on what we can/not eat or what we should/not eat. -me
  19. You get grey hair where??? 😳 -K
    Reminds me of a SATC episode. Haha.
  20. All the usual knee, hip,back pain, but I say "when I was younger" a lot and "I remember when". Just the other day at work I was talking to our Sales Executive (age 26) when Eagle Eye Cherry came on the radio. She said "oh I love this song". I told her I remember that concert, her response..... "oh that was like 20 years ago right" :/ -X
  21. I always say "there is no way that was 20 years ago" until someone Googles it.... damn Google machine! :) -X
  22. Saying things my mother said...am I turning into her!?! -T
  23. Children's bathroom habits/concerns...ugh. Building a home we can see ourselves growing old in. The need for "good shoes" and not meaning style, haha. -D
  24. Remember when you were dealing with some drama shit in your 20s and 30s? Let's talk parenthood. And dealing with some literal shit. And having to love someone in spite of their literal shit ... all over the floor, clothes, your clothes, etc. Your drama shit in your 20s are such a laugh. Who's crying now, bitch. -M