1. Gray hair looks edgy when you're young. When you're middle-aged, it makes you look middle-aged.
  2. I'm only 40. I didn't want to look 50. (Nothing wrong with 50, but I'd prefer to look it when I get there.)
  3. Other parts of me are starting to fall apart. Coloring my hair was a quick and easy fix. Also, it's temporary, in case I change my mind.
  4. Life is too short and there is no point in looking older if I can help it (see #2).
  5. My hair looks thicker when it's dark, which is a nice bonus when you have 40-something hair. If you're under 40, you'll understand someday.
  6. The impetus: After nearly a decade of rockin' the gray, I took the plunge before accompanying my hubby on his company-sponsored trip to Mexico. I figured since I'm not getting any younger, and we'll probably never, EVER stay somewhere as nice, we might as well have great pictures that capture our youth. :)