I used to watch quite a bit of TV, then I went and had a whole bunch of kids late in my 30s around the same time the DVR took off. When I do watch anything (rare, as I love my sleep now) it is usually Bravo-related and nothing I can't live without. I'm sure I'm missing good TV. But let's revisit some shows that were so, so good. Miss them a lot.
  1. Northern Exposure
    Was there ever a more perfect cast of characters? I deeply cared for them. I wanted to live in that town. I adored this show. It made me feel good about life.
  2. Felicity
    They whispered when they spoke. She cut her hair and it was a mistake. They felt like my friends.
  3. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
    I would die laughing. Possibly the funniest, sweetest, most happy-inducing show ever. Why was this cancelled? It was perfection.
  4. Sex & The City
    I almost did not add this, as I think the movies kind of ruined the franchise. However, it was a big part of my life, as I navigated the single life in a different, slightly less exciting city, a few years younger than these gals. I cancelled my HBO the day after the finale.
  5. 30 Rock
    My GOD I MISS LIZ LEMON. So funny and smart and Tracey Morgan can deliver the lines so perfectly. Can we start a petition to bring it back? Please??