Last night's tasteless pork chops was basically the last straw.
  1. Oh you talk a big game. Your shiny and big and make all the promises a working mom needs to hear.
    Four ingredients in the morning, and a delicious dinner all ready when you get home.
  2. You make me think I'll walk in to a fragrant home with dinner on the table 10 minutes after walking in.
    You lie.
  3. You then over-cook ever single chicken breast recipe I've ever tried.
    Every one.
  4. You make pork chops inedible, also regardless of the recipe.
    Every time.
  5. My husband doesn't like soup, so you are no use to me there.
    Technically not your fault, but still a strike against you.
  6. Your chili, halfway decent, contains too many carbs so I don't make it any more.
    Again, not your fault, but...
  7. So this is it. I'm done. You are being relegated to the basement.
    I will no longer waste kitchen cupboard space with you. The egg cooker doesn't treat me this way.