Two 1st graders, two kindergarteners. One winter. Both parents work outside the home. One just started a new job with limited time off (not me). Let's begin.
  1. One home sick for a full week before Thanksgiving.
  2. Same one has stomach bug first weekend in December.
  3. Second one has stomach bug a week and a half later.
  4. Mom (that's me!) gets stomach bug third weekend in December.
    Family party weekend cancelled
  5. Third child gets stomach bug Christmas Eve.
    All plans for Eve and Xmas Day now cancelled
  6. Random temperature spike in two children second week in January.
  7. Child one sick again third week in January.
  8. Fourth child finally gets stomach bug fourth week in January.
  9. Second and third child sick again last weekend and early this week with fever / cold.
  10. Third child also throwing up on Tuesday morning, and early Thursday (this) morning.
  11. They all have runny noses and/or coughs at this moment.
  12. Mom (that's me!) now has fever / cold.
  13. Add in three snow days since Dec 1 for good measure.
  14. February rounded out with two more colds towards the end of the month.
  15. March included three sick kids over three weeks, at times overlapping.
    One week the bus driver picked up one child at my house on Monday, two children on Tuesday, three children on Wednesday, and finally al four children on Thursday. Thank God I have a flexible job.
  16. Update 4/11: two children having strep throat the first 10 days in April
    Because it is never going to end.