My day so far, starting at 4:30am today.

Alternate title: WTH, kids? Really?
  1. I heard a bump in the night at 4:30am.
    Actually it starts getting light around here at 4:30am so I knew it wasn't the middle of the night. I roll over hoping no one starts crying. Seems ok.
  2. 4:32am. Kid 2-B comes into my room, asking me "Mommy can you cover me?"
    I try arguing and saying no but this just gets her upset and she plays me like a fiddle. It's a mental battle between wanting to Feberize her and not wanting her to wake up any other kid.
  3. I get up, mad, walk the kid back into her room and throw a blanket over her.
  4. Kid 2-A is awake in the other bed. "Mommy I fell out of bed."
    Note: they are the same age but 2-A has no problem pulling her own covers up over her. Interesting. Anyway I ask her if she's ok and she nods. I tell them it's both the middle of the night and order them to fall back to sleep.
  5. Kid 2-B starts to whine. I put the blanket on her when she just wants the sheet.
    I correct this but am so annoyed I already suspect it will be difficult for me to fall back to sleep.
  6. Every time I get up at night I have to hit the bathroom before I climb back into bed.
    It's annoying too.
  7. 4:40am. Back in bed, praying they'll fall back to sleep. I possibly doze but it's not good sleep.
  8. 5:20am. 2-B is back in my room to whisper she has to go potty.
    I tell her to go ahead and then go back to bed until at least 6:00am. This time she needs no assistance in getting back into bed.
  9. 5:25am Surprise! Kid 1-B strolls into the bedroom, ready for her day.
    I show her the time, demand she goes back to bed until at least 6:00am. She's a year older and she understands time a little better. I guess.
  10. 5:26am Kid 1-B is now done with using our bathroom when I notice kids 2-A and 2-B lingering in the doorway.
    What is this??? Why??? Why on my day to wake up with them? WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE? Clearly not me.
  11. I give up. I'm already defeated today. I grab my socks, my phone and shush them as I shut off the alarm.
    They all seem pretty smug, they know it's cartoon time.
  12. 6:05am kid 2-B announces she is tired.