This is probably a testament of me letting my kids watch too much TV.
  1. Sheriff Callie
    I appreciate the feminism here but Sheriff Callie is just a big self-righteous bore.
  2. The Map from Dora
    Most annoying voice on television.
  3. Dora
    It's really I'm just so sick of her. The show itself is probably not the worst.
  4. Calliou
    I don't know a single adult who likes this show or the main character. In fact in one instance I have a friend who I am pretty sure is in AA now due to Calliou.
  5. Ruff-ruff, Tweet & Dave
    I hate them all. And why is Dave always the first to fall asleep??? It's always Dave.
  6. Rosie, Calliou's little sister
    I should not harbor such angry hate towards a child, even a fictional one. Everything about her stirs rage in me. I thank God no real kid actually acts like her.