I was born here. Went to college here. I spent a decade living in another state. I moved back.
  1. "Welcome to Upstate New York — We Hope You Brought a Sweater."
    Or a parka. And keep an ice scraper in your car 12 months out of the year, wouldja?
  2. "This Is Upstate! So Incredibly Different From New York City It Will Make Your Head Hurt."
    There is a misconception that NYC and the rest of New York is all the same big concrete jungle. Not true. (Buffalo, for instance, is physically closer to Detroit than NYC.) Upstate is lush and green and beautiful. Don't assume.
  3. "Upstate New York: There Is No Place Or Event That You Can't Wear Jeans To."
    It's real casual, people, just know that. There are times when I'm certain my grandmother is rolling over in her grave when people show up to a baby shower in jeans. But it is what it is.
  4. "Here Is Your Upstate! You Get Four Acres With Your House But Just Maybe Not The Best Employment Opportunities."
    Give and take. There is a 50/50 chance your kids will wind up somewhere else, but you can find success if you bust your butt. And you have a lovely view from your dining room.