Projects my hub has on his to-do list (not on List)

So my husband is bored and just went to Home Depot. He has surprised me with an announcement this morning that he is adding something else to his "to-do" list.
  1. Project 1 - Mudroom renovation
    This was something we discussed in November. I showed him some Pinterest plans for wall lockers / cubbies. I asked him not to start it until after the New Year. He went out and bought the lumber the next week (note: not after the New Year) and it has been sitting in the garage ever since, limiting how far I can open my car door. Ahem.
  2. Project 2 - A small bookshelf for the kitchen
    I asked him to build me one a few weeks ago and I then thought he had forgotten about it. After he announced Project 3 today, all of a sudden Project 2 popped back in his head, thus the trip to the Depot.
  3. Project 3 - Just announced! He wants to build us a picnic table!
    And get rid of our kind of crappy glass and metal table and chairs. Ok I'm the last person to discourage this stuff. I do love a good picnic table. I just am not sure how to bring up the fact that they are semi-high maintenance (need to be refinished or repainted every other year, or more) and just curious if he has thought of that. And please God, can we finish Project 1 & 2 first? But I will keep my mouth shut and thank him if/when each project is done. Because I love him.