Reasons I'm glad to stay home on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Stomach bug has very slowly made its way through the family this December. Today, Christmas Eve, it hit once again. We cancelled our planned trip to family party, and cancelled small Christmas Day dinner here tomorrow, not wanting to infect anyone. While I am bummed a little, staying home with hubs and 4 kids isn't the worst thing ever. List time.
  1. I am wearing yoga pants and a 30 year old plaid flannel shirt I stole from my brother maybe 15 years ago. Literally nothing else I'd rather be wearing, ever.
    No, I don't do yoga.
  2. Early bedtime for all.
    And to all a good night. Please God let them all sleep tonight.
  3. No makeup needed!
    So I don't have to wash my face tonight. I'm sounding very lazy aren't I?
  4. Don't have to clean the house too hard tomorrow after presents!
    Other than a full wipedown with Clorox Wipes, natch
  5. ThreadUp
    I didn't spend more than $6 on any of the girl's Christmas dresses. So, if we don't wear them this year, s'fine.
  6. Counting my blessings anyway
    We might have the stomach bug, but for the most part my family is healthy and I'm thankful for that.