I wish I was making this up. I have 2 kindergarteners this yr. Beyond working past the bad anxiety I had figuring out what to do with alllll the paperwork coming home on a daily and weekly basis, I also have done the following things. If this continues in future years my kids may eventually disown me. And the year is not over yet. Heaven help me.
  1. Sent my kids in with hats on the day before hat dat
  2. Sent book fair money in two days early
    Not on purpose
  3. Sent in money for a Christmas activity a week too late
  4. Forgot to send a stuffed animal in with child 1a on stuffed animal day
    I asked her to remember this herself. She's 6. I may have depended on her too much for this one.
  5. Forgotten to send in library books 2 or 3 different weeks, easily
  6. Forgot to send in money on popcorn day
    Actually, in my defense I didn't know you couldn't pay for monthly popcorn day with your school lunch account.
  7. Did not dress my kids in blue and red for "spirit day"
    By some miracle they were wearing red and this grey-ish / blue-ish colors anyway so I give myself an unwitting 50% credit here.