Interesting, watching a movie I used to know by heart, with a fresh perspective.
  1. "Mommy are they married?"
    The first time Westley and Buttercup kiss. Answer: no but they are 30. You have to be 30 to kiss.
  2. "Whoa, look at the ninja!"
    When we first lay eyes on Westley wearing a mask as he's climbing up the Cliffs of Insanity. I love that they said this. In the modern day remake he's totally a ninja.
  3. "He's not a giant."
    Andre the Giant is not anywhere as big as the giant baby in that episode of Sophia the First, and my girls know this.
  4. "So the poison was in HIS cup?"
    Said just before Buttercup made the same (and technically incorrect) observation. Quick kid!
  5. When Westley died they had no questions. They weren't sure where it was going I guess.
  6. We fast forwarded thru the wheelbarrow/cloak 60 men at the gate scene.
  7. "I like her dress."
    Buttercup in her wedding dress, natch.
  8. "And they lived happily ever after!!!"
    Everyone loves a happy ending.