A list of do's

kind of my own personal code on life. but, of course, to each their own.
  1. Don't lie.
    Dad taught me that. As a little kid I didn't quite get the importance of the truth, but now, many years later, I do.
  2. Back your friends & family up.
    Figuratively and literally. Don't leave them hanging, don't leave them in danger.
  3. Be willing to sacrifice yourself for someone you love.
    If I love you, I'd take a thousand bullets.
  4. Seek the truth in everything.
  5. Learn.
    Don't be a dumbass. Absorb and grow beyond anything you were ever told you were.
  6. Create.
    Art, art, art.
  7. Be thankful.
    I may not have much, but what I do have makes me rich in ways money never could.
  8. Love. Hard.
    As hard as you can. They won't always be here.
  9. Avoid drama.
    Ain't nobody got time for that shit.