, meet me

I'm Taylor. Hi.
  1. I'm 21
    And 1/2, give or take
  2. Female
  3. Nocturnal
  4. Youngest of 2
    Adopted family
  5. Oldest of 6
    Birth family
  6. Aspiring actress
  7. Single
  8. Emotionally unavailable
  9. Obsessed with Disney
  10. Plagued with chronic anxiety
  11. And depression
  12. And asbergers
  13. Formerly a dancer
  14. Until I grew boobs and had to stop
    Because I could no longer stay ballanced
  15. Used to sing
  16. Until I hit puberty and my voice changed
    As did my range which is now too low to sing
  17. College dropout
  18. And hopefully college graduate
  19. Currently taking a gap year
  20. Which I will spend doing nothing
  21. So I can prepare to go back to school
  22. After changing my major
  23. From costume design
  24. To theatre
  25. I don't think my name sounds "Hollywood" enough
  26. So I came up with a stage name
  27. Marilyn Barnes
  28. No one takes me seriously
  29. Mostly because of said stage name
  30. But also because I'm kind of a ditz sometimes
  31. I enjoy drinking
  32. But contrary to what my mom says
  33. I'm not an alcoholic
  34. I used to write poetry
  35. Until I got out of my angsty teen years
  36. And learned that life isn't fair
  37. But I can't do anything about it
  38. And no one really cares
  39. So I may as well just keep my mouth shut
  40. And not worry as much
  41. But I still worry
  42. A lot more than I should