A Lot of you guys on IG have made more suggestions to add to our list. So here is the extended "worst halloween candies" list. This isn't personal and just my opinion but still remember to let me have it if you disagree
  1. Strawberry Hard Candies - These have no business in your Halloween candy sack. These also fall in the Circus Peanuts category of "who the F is handing these things out?" I imagine its some really old lady, whats your thoughts?
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  2. Peanut Butter Kisses - So it looks like we have The Necco family to thanks for these snooze fest candies as well. The only useful thing I can think of is if you get enough of them you could fill a pillow case and take a nap with them.
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  3. Almond Joy and Mounds - ok, this one is personal cause I'm not a fan of coconut. I can understand if you disagree but, lets be honest. These aren't the first candies you would eat after a long night of Trick or Treatin...
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  4. Smarties - See also Necco Wafers
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  5. Dots - These were invented by dentists to help pull out fillings and caps, not to mention the cavities. If you have ever had these then you know what I'm talking about. Dots are job security for dentists.
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  6. Fruit Flavored Tootsie Rolls - the Tootsie roll has no business making fruit flavored versions of itself. The Tootsie Roll should be one flavor and thats brown.
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  7. Waxed Lips - This is one of those candies I can't believe they still make. Didn't the joke wear off sometime in 50's?
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  8. Swedish Fish - These guys were probably also invented by dentists. They actually don't taste that bad they're just hard as hell to eat. If you were trying to lose weight then maybe you could eat Swedish fish instead of getting lap band surgery. I could imagine it taking all day to eat a few of these.
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  9. Brach's Sundaes Neapolitan Coconut - Special shout out to all the grandparents keepin this candy going.
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