1. He Knows More Than Me About One of my Hobbies
    Like photography, ukulele, etc - so as to be able to teach me / up my game.
  2. He Enjoys a Crossword From Time to Time
    Like the NYT crossword, so that he can fill out the words that I'm lacking.
  3. He Hates Olives
    This is great because I love them - aka: more for me!
  4. He Loves Uni
    More for him - blegh... tastes like the ocean. I've tried, I've really tried.
  5. He Can Protect Me in the Wild
    Superior survivalist instincts while camping or during possible impending apocalyptic scenario (I'd run for the hills!!)
  6. He Introduces Me to Great Music
    I'm a huge audiophile, and am always on the lookout for great records, new and old.
  7. He's Surprisingly Skilled at Untangling Necklace Chains
    Because mine get tangled up all of the time, and my detangling patience quotient is petite
  8. He Speaks Another Language Other Than English or French
    So that he can whisper sweet nothings in said language and I can reply en Francais.
  9. He'd Dress Up In All Black on Halloween
    So that when myself (dressed head to toe in Blue) showed up, we'd link arms and collectively become 'a bruise'... yup, sort of terrible, but also kind of awesome! #BlackAndBlue