1. People are suddenly blaring obnoxious EDM through their open car windows and sunroofs.
  2. The small birds that chant "chicka dee dee dee dee" have magically appeared and are making their presence known in the early mornings.
  3. Hot guys are seemingly coming out of the woodwork.
    As though they hibernate through the winter with the bears.
  4. The featured sale items at drug stores have switched over to sunblock, beer cooler back packs and bulk boxes of condoms.
  5. The seductive scent of BBQ is now dousing the air at night.
  6. People are sporting involuntary smiles en masse, as the vitamin D influx stabilizes the steady flow of serotonin.
    The Sun - it's a helluva drug.
  7. Social media hashtags now include at least one of the following: #yolo #roséallday #poolside #icecream #fitnessgoals #holidaze #instasummer #bestdayever
  8. That day that you intuitively know that you only need to leave the house with but a hoodie or light jacket now.
    Put those puffies away.
  9. Corn on the cobb, nectarines and peaches are starting to trickle into the produce section at the grocery store.
  10. I spend thirty minutes in the sun and my skin now looks like this:
  11. You hear a new fun anthemic tune hit the radio waves, and you "just know that this will be the hit of the summer".