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  1. J
    First letter
  2. U
    After the J
  3. S
    Third letter of my name
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These are words I made up and use in everyday conversations.feel free to start using them.
  1. Umbrelook
    Noun: A book being used to cover your head while traveling through rain.
  2. Hombing
    Verb: Using ones hand in a manner that you would use a comb.
  3. Gleshy
    Noun: A blind goldfish.
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A list of what Kanye West does his Kanye best at.
  1. Rapping
    Obviously he is well known for this which is why its first on the list.
  2. Sleeping
    He sleeps almost as well as he raps.
  3. Coloring books
    He became very skilled at coloring because of coloring with his daughter North West.
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These are a few chicken that I personally thought looked handsome. Enjoy.
  1. Albert
    If you say he isn't handsome, then there is something wrong with you.
  2. Ricardo
    More handsome every time I see him.
  3. Chad
    His tail feathers are just mesmerizing l.
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These are all numbers that can be divided by the number 1.
  1. 3
    By dividing it by 1 you get 3
  2. 14
    The result is 14
  3. 1
    Yes even 1 can be divided by 1 equaling 1.
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Pluto the ex-ninth planet wants to fight the sun. Here's why:
  1. To become a planet again.
    Pluto thought it was rude to get his title of a planet taken away. By fighting the sun and winning he could prove to everyone he is planet enough.
  2. Uranus said he was a wimp.
    Uranus was talking to Mars behind Plutos back and said that Pluto was a wimp and couldn't take on the sun even if he was the size of Jupiter. Pluto didn't take hearing this very well.
  3. The sun is a bully
    For the past 4 million years, the sun has been bullying the outer planets for years and Pluto is getting sick of it. He said next time he's going to go off on him.
  4. The gym
    Recently Pluto has been going to the gym and wants to prove he is stronger than he looks.
Hide and seek with Harry Houdini. Can you find him?
  1. Harry is that you?
  2. Mr. Houdini?
    Not quite
  3. Is that you Harry?
    Shucks not him either.
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These are all colors that are not red.
  1. White
    There is a picture but it's hard to see. Just know it's not red.
  2. Black
    Pftt. If you think this is red you're either blind or don't know what red looks like.
  3. Maroon
    This is very close to red. But still not red.
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The Beatles were very big fans of President Lyndon B. Johnson and wanted to reach out to him.
  1. Help!
    This was written in 1965 and was a message to Lyndon. This was a plea for help from George because he was going through a rough patch in with his girlfriend and needed some fatherly advice.
  2. Hello Goodbye
    This song was written to say hello and goodbye to Lyndon. It was towards the end of his presidency and they just wanted to say one last hello before he left office.
  3. Hey Jude
    Paul wrote this to President Johnson in 1968 to help comfort him due to recently finding out about his son's drug addiction. Paul also was getting tired of how Lyndon had been ignoring him recently and asked him not to "let me down."
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They say you should never lie to your children but there are some things that you have to say. Here are just a few of the ones I will tell my children.
  1. Santa
    Obviously I will tell my children that Santa is real. I'm not going to have him/her be that kid that tells all the other kids in his class that he's not real.
  2. You don't have to grow up.
    When my child says they don't want to grow up and all that stuff. Sure, I'll tell them they can stay but eventually I'll make them leave.
  3. You can be anything you want when you grow up.
    No they can't! Yeah they can possibly get any occupation but they can't be a firetruck or an apple tree. Technicalities man.
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