Pluto the ex-ninth planet wants to fight the sun. Here's why:
  1. To become a planet again.
    Pluto thought it was rude to get his title of a planet taken away. By fighting the sun and winning he could prove to everyone he is planet enough.
  2. Uranus said he was a wimp.
    Uranus was talking to Mars behind Plutos back and said that Pluto was a wimp and couldn't take on the sun even if he was the size of Jupiter. Pluto didn't take hearing this very well.
  3. The sun is a bully
    For the past 4 million years, the sun has been bullying the outer planets for years and Pluto is getting sick of it. He said next time he's going to go off on him.
  4. The gym
    Recently Pluto has been going to the gym and wants to prove he is stronger than he looks.