1. You are allowed to hate one of your neighbors
    James Madison Jr. snuck this in because his one neighbor practiced yodeling everyday.
  2. Pennsylvania can't contain more than 100 chickens per square mile
    George Clymer wrote this part under the third amendment because he wanted his nemesis Albert Jackson to lose a majority of his chickens
  3. No more presidents named George
    This one was just found in August of 2015. It is revealed that George Washington wrote this because he didn't want his George legacy to be tarnished.
  4. The color yellow is not manly
    Benjamin Franklin hated when his brothers wore yellow as children and wrote this in the constitution in the 5th amendment without anyone's permission.
  5. Protest Canada
    George Washington wrote "once every decade all Americans should protest Canada due to their assistance to the British." He really hated Canada.
  6. Personal grudge against Alexander Hamilton
    Hamilton himself snuck this in because he believed that he was kinda an a**hole and everyone should be able to hate him if they wanted to.
  7. Adam West is the true Batman
    This was secretly added in 2008 by Barack Obama because he thought it would be a good prank towards the National Archives building Archivist.
  8. This picture
    The Archivist then glued this picture to the back of it to get back at Barack Obama.