A list of what Kanye West does his Kanye best at.
  1. Rapping
    Obviously he is well known for this which is why its first on the list.
  2. Sleeping
    He sleeps almost as well as he raps.
  3. Coloring books
    He became very skilled at coloring because of coloring with his daughter North West.
  4. Checkers
    Unknown to most, he is a very skilled checkers player.
  5. Making omelets
    Again, Kim loves omelets and he needs to make her an omelette once a week.
  6. Hanging curtains
    His house is very large with dozens of curtains. When Kim moved in she wanted all the curtains changed. He eventually got really good at changing them.
  7. Making curtains
    Curtains are expensive so in order to save money he sowed his own and hung them up instead of buying them.
  8. Critiquing curtains
    In his leisure time he goes to other celebrities houses and critiques their curtains.
  9. Folding curtains
    He folds them often because he is constantly making new ones and putting them in storage.
  10. Hugs
    He may not seem like it but he is a hugger.