1. So yesterday afternoon I decided to call child services for a student.
  2. Most of the kids at my school experience extreme poverty
  3. So when one stands out it's fairly dramatic
    This kid is always dirty, hungry and sick. I've given him countless pairs of socks and school clothes and detergent and it all seems to disappear.
  4. I've been very nervous about calling.
    I'm still a new teacher and haven't faced this situation before, I've been debating it because I was uncertain about the ramifications.
  5. I got really worried that:
  6. - what if his mom is doing the best she can and is just overwhelmed?
  7. - there are cultural differences that I don't perceive the same and what if im projecting a traditional white cultural view?
  8. - he would be taken from his family at a holiday and traumatized forever.
  9. A series of events transpired that led me to make the call.
    I'm in the midst of understanding and experiencing the progress now. Talking with police and child services
  10. Then last night, out of the blue @bjnovak relisted a list I wrote about my students about a month ago.
    That list can be found here: TOP 5 MOMENTS STUDENTS HAVE BROKEN MY HEART
  11. I woke up this morning to more notifications than I've ever had, on any social media.
  12. It was just this beautiful outpouring of support and affirmation.
    The comments and the thanks people had truly blew me away.
  13. Which I don't think I even really knew I needed?
  14. But it's been amazing to hear the kindness and experience positive recognition for making the kind of decisions that I had to make yesterday.
  15. So thank you, list app.
  16. I don't think it could have come at a better time.