First snow on the ground this season!
  1. I was excited all week
    I had been checking the weather all week, the forecast was going from 3-5 inches up to 8 inches.
  2. It started snowing around 7 pm Friday
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    Perfect timing. Home in pj's, glass of red wine, and my beautiful girlfriend and roommates helping me prep a pie. The snow just glistening in the backyard
  3. Friday night nothing stuck to the road
    The ones of us that are new to winter were running to different windows like "Snow! Snow! Snow!". My girlfriend on her 8th winter said "great. The fucking snow starts."
  4. Saturday morning
    We woke up to the roads still clear but snow accumulating in yards. I had to go downtown and was excited to see the city in the snow
  5. The train into the city
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    The wind was blowing, but it wasn't that cold (36-37 degrees). The snow had started to blow, but I had hot chocolate, an empty train, and Chicago in the snow
  6. Made it to training in a high rise downtown
    I sat at a conference table and watched snow whip through the buildings downtown. It was heavy fat snowflake snow most of the day. Movie snow.
  7. Leaving downtown
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    It was just freezing rain. Nothing sticking
  8. Took the train back to the burbs
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    By the time I got to the burbs it was real snow. The roads were covered. The snow was blowing. It was whipping into my jacket and sticking to my hair.
  9. The snow stopped by 5 o'clock
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    It's been freezing but beautiful since Saturday afternoon. It made the evenings friendsgiving feel cozier
  10. Sunday
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    It's been below freezing all day, so the snow has stayed. Made a perfect window view for my binge watching day