2. post school, pre-rally.
  1. So, in retrospect I feel silly.
  2. Expectations do not equal reality
  3. It was just a bunch of goofy teachers dancing and singing in front of the school
    "We are the teachers! The mighty mighty teachers!"
  4. The principal covertly sent us coffee and donuts
  5. And we paraded up and down the block chanting
    "I don't know what I've been told! The board of ed's pockets are lined with gold!"
  6. Exactly 5 kids showed up at the school
  7. So they were greatly out numbered by administrators, that were required to be there
  8. It wasn't scary
  9. It didn't feel dangerous
  10. It felt fun
  11. And I know that I don't believe in everything that the union stands for
  12. But being part of something so big that so many people are so passionate about gives you a really good familial feeling
  13. And that alone is worth chanting for.