Stairs, y'all.
  1. Pro- ballin city view
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    I cannot get enough of it
  2. Con- carrying groceries
    One would think it would get easier, a year in. It doesn't. I just keep convincing myself it counts as cardio. It really made me question my dedication to carving pumpkins
  3. Pro- working fireplace
    In the middle of the Chicago winter, cozying up to read or work in front of a warm happy fire is amazing- although questionably safe.
  4. Con- the murder pit
    Four windows in my apartment look into what is best described as a murder pit. It's a dimly lit, rusting, large, open, sheet metal shaft. It has some sort of clear-ish roof and goes to the basement. Also has like wires and drain pipes and stuff. Oddly tends to be the first thing I show off in the apartment.
  5. Pro- no upstairs neighbors
    I hate hearing people walking above me so much
  6. Con- laundry
    It's in the basement. So carrying a heavy laundry basket up and down 5 flights of stairs, outside, to pay to do laundry in a terrifying basement inhabited by dead rats.
  7. Pro- the neighborhood
    Safe, easy access to all public transportation and the highways, centrally located so it doesn't take too long, and I'm across the street from a park
  8. Con- the equally as murdery stairs
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    There are 1,000 of them and they're all dingy.