Thanks @BWN_7 !!
  1. When I was little I was a daddy's girl.
    It used to drive my mom crazy that my dad doted on me and paid less attention to my younger brother.
  2. During the summer we ate dinner outside on the picnic table in the backyard almost every night
  3. And it being summer in Texas, evening was the only relatively cool part of the day
  4. My mom would grill and my dad would dance with me to oldies
    They were always very careful about keeping the AC inside, and on nights like this my dad would play oldies on the big speakers and open the windows so we could hear it in the backyard
  5. and after dinner my dad and I would play badminton until it was too dark to see the birdie anymore
  6. I always loved the feeling of running barefoot in the backyard trying to make that last inching save
  7. And once we got pretty good at it my dad would pay me a dollar if I could hit him with the birdie
    It only happened once
  8. There was nothing out of the ordinary about those evenings, no special occasion. But I think that's the beauty in those memories.
    My relationship with my dad went downhill once puberty arrived, and reliving the time when things were copacetic and happy would be really meaningful.
  9. So I think I would go back to one of those summer nights.