I recently deleted like 2,000 photos off my phone, but here are a few of the happy ones left
  1. This picture is somewhere in middle America. It's from when I drove from San Antonio to Chicago, full of hope and no clue what was about to hit me. Best decision I've made yet
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  2. This is a picture my dad took. We had a dog growing up named Ace who loved to play in the creek by our house. When they re-paved my dad took him down and put his paw in the wet cement. It's nice that it's still there, even if Ace isn't.
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  3. Lollapalooza 2014. I had been in Chicago for about a month and didn't have any friends yet, so I went alone. Ate veggie burgers and drank beer on a blanket while The Temper Trap played.
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  4. My parents the first time they visited Chicago. My dad immediately fell asleep on the el, what a local.
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  5. First ever day of school as a teacher. I was so scared and clueless. What a learning curve
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  6. The very first time this student ever understood and completed a math problem on his own.
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  7. 6th street- Austin, Texas. An impromptu trip because flights were $80 round trip.
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  8. Camping at Kettle Moraine park in Wisconsin. Although the highlight of this trip for me was stopping at Mars Cheese Castle and consuming more dairy than one ever should.
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  9. The closest IKEA to Chicago is in the burbs so a bunch of no car city slickers piled into my car and we furnished an apartment
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  10. After almost a year and a half, my Chicago family.
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