Hate on my morning, go ahead
    There is no other time of day that has such beautiful light. It's warm and it's happy.
  2. Bed
    Now this could be misconstrued as a plus for the evening, but everyone knows your bed is the most appealing in the morning- right after your alarm has gone off. The best thing in the world is to fold yourself right back into the sheets like a small warm cinnamon cocoon.
  3. Coffee
    Because coffee.
  4. Bed head
    Bed head is proof that you got to sleep and it's messy and cute and all over the place and I love it. Even if it takes 10 hours to tame.
  5. Breakfast foods
    The Mecca of breakfast foods is the breakfast taco from your neighborhood taqueria, but since moving to the Mexican food wasteland of the North, I've grown to love any and all breakfast foods more equally. Eggs, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, muffins, you name it. #lovewins
  6. Productiveness
    Do anything before 9am and (a) people think you're a superhuman (b) you don't have to do anything for the rest of the day because you've put in your productive time
  7. Getting ready
    You get the opportunity to decide what you want to look like for the day. Bum? business professional? city hipster? Choose your own adventure.