An exercise in trusting public good will
  1. Holiday traveling has been horrendous
  2. My flight out of DFW was cancelled Sunday
  3. Then my flight on Monday I made it to the connection in northwest Arkansas and waited 5 hours, the flight to O'Hare was then cancelled again
  4. There are no more flights going out of northwest Arkansas tonight
  5. And the airport was closing
  6. While waiting the 5 hours for the flight, I got to talking
  7. And made two new friends!
  8. So, we were all stranded together.
  9. And that's how I ended up sharing a hotel room with two strangers in the middle of northwest Arkansas
  10. One of my new friends said his university was putting him in a hotel, and he offered to let us two (girls) stay as well
  11. I learned their names in the shuttle on the way, Amber and Donny.
  12. They're both Chicago natives, traveling to see family for Christmas
  13. I think this is only working and I only feel semi-okay is because we're all young pretend adults
  14. But here we are. All in a hotel room together, watching Intervention and learning about each other's lives
  15. It feels oddly like summer camp?
  16. We're downloading games we can play together on our iPhones
  17. We have to catch a 4 a.m. shuttle for our flight out to Chicago
  18. Ive already considered how I could use my water bottle as a weapon- just in case.
  19. But I'm leaning into the happenstance of cancelled connections
  20. And trusting that in the end we all just want to help each other, and we all just want to go home.
  21. Update- flight to Chicago in the morning got cancelled. I may have a new road trip across the country friend or two