I'll be smiling at this cafeteria table for the next 6 hours, waiting for parents.
  1. Do I have enough stuff?
    What if they want to see all their kids work? It's in my classroom all the way on the other side of the building
  2. Did I dress nice enough?
    Should I be dressier? It's a weird contrast sitting next to a broom in the corner of the cafeteria
  3. Can I adequately convey how much I love your child without sounding weird?
    I think I skew too positive. Even if your child is a terror in my classroom I still just want to tell you the good things that will make you proud of them. Because I know how much they want you to be proud of them
  4. Shoot. The other teachers have folders.
    I should have made folders. Paper clips are fine right?
  5. I only have 7 parents, I hope they come
    Even if I get 1 per hour I'll be doing well.
  6. This makes for quality people watching.
  7. Edit- all my parents came!!! And they were awesome!!!