things that went well, something simple, and goals
  1. Talked to someone that's hard to talk to (why I HAVE NO IDEA), but I'd like to hang out with her again someday.
  2. Got to message with B a bit today
  3. Meditated and it actually improved my mood. 😀
  4. Did duolingo
  5. Ate low carb and it didn't suck
  6. Took a nap that was awesome
  7. Stayed in touch with Dave and made progress on our projects.
  8. Got worked up over ch7 but came out of it. Think I'm making the right decision... Have two weeks to think about it.
  9. Grateful for my coworkers and my job again today. I felt like shit at 3:50 and left. And I'm glad we all treat each other like adults enough that I don't have to worry about that kinda stuff.
  10. Grateful for headspace and Ted talks and Tim ferriss and entrepreneur magazine and so many other things on the internet that I can focus on that remind me to stay positive and remind me what my goals are
  11. I think I'm gonna like my kinesiology class. That went well
  12. Life is easy peasy if I let it be